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I have studied and received diploma after diploma but nothing has fulfilled me to the extent QHHT does. The day I applied for QHHT I felt it in my core…

My name is Valbona. I come from a  very large family. We were very poor but we always had too much love in our lives for each other, and very close to everyone around us. My parents were very hard working people . My parent raised us with very high morals, always teaching us how to help others and be best in everything, My mother has always been very nurturing and has a most loving nature and my father was a super intelligent man  with vast knowledge of just about everything. a strict father, however his patriarchal views of his generation were too much for my beliefs sometimes. I have forever believed in something bigger than us . Since my early childhood, I have had supernatural experiences. (we all have them but discarding is what us humans do). 

I have studied and received diploma after diploma but nothing has fulfilled me to the extent QHHT does. The day I applied for QHHT I felt it in my core. It seems I would do one thing after the other  before this and never came to fruition Every country I lived In I also studied in at the same time. And suddenly a course was available for practicing QHHT I just knew something clicked in me.It’s very hard to explain but once I signed for the course,it felt right. I was glued to everything and I never looked back. My understanding of life developed to different heights and understanding  of myself changed. Being judgmental suddenly did not serve me and removed it from myself and as I started to do a session with all this passion that I have with all this deep power That I find in this technique,and all the beautiful methods to speak to our soul and to get all the answers that lay within us. the navigation that we hold within to understand and let go.  

In my very first session I asked my volunteer if I could ask one question when the Subconscious comes in to answer their question (which I never do with clients) and the answers were very detailed and it happened again and again after this their guides or subconscious will just say something directly to me and in one occasion it kept asking me to ask my own question. And I was  determined not to,saying no,this is my clients session this would be abuse of her session, and it was a back and forth between us and who am I to debate with the guides (and the voice had changed,it was not that of my client anymore the energy in the room was completely electric and super charged) and I asked my question and it was for myself to be in communication with my guides too. As I have been asking this question for sometime and they knew it and advice was really powerful“ go meditate (which I interrupted saying I am not good at it). And I was told that is a statement  of mind. They said “ I can’t is a state of mind and yes you can … I shared this particular one as it can be beneficial to everyone,we all can . Everything is possible when we believe it. No one is more powerful or better than another,we only have to believe and tap into our powers that we are all gifted that have just been overridden by the all beliefs and labels that we get from our childhood and beliefs of other and by what we have been taught and there is so much there that does not serve our highest good.

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One session when my client died in that specific life we were watching and she left her body and was flying,which happens all the time, I kept the space for her to go to the other side and directed her and I asked her to see if you see anyone you know, she said my sister is here (she had lost her sister a couple of years ago) and tears were flowing. She said ‘she is here and I am hugging her’ and they had a conversation and her sister gave advice to her that made her laugh through her tears and said to me as she was talking to her at same time saying… shes advising me about kids, she was always a great mum. And went on to very personal advice for people close to both of them. That is the miracles of Qhht. I am blown away from all I experience during sessions and count my blessings that Qhht is in my life’s path. I am grateful and happy I chose this to be in my life before I came here. This is one of the the best things I have ever chosen and I have a lot to be grateful about.